Saturday, November 29, 2008


Several weeks ago, I had one of the most opulent dining experiences at Bushi-Tei with my girlfriend. Being both foodies, we sat in pure enjoyment as dish after amazing dish were delivered on our table. It was an assault on all my senses as I tried my best to absorb all the creatively concoted flavours found in each dish. One that I went particularly crazy for was the
Foie Gras with Kabocha pot de crème. The silky smooth, buttery texture of the Kobocha, mingled with the Foie Gras juices was pure bliss. If there is any dish that would make me think twice about killing someone for, this one could be a close contender. Another memorable dish was the Miso Marinated Wagyu Beef where the actual beef itself was marinated for several days to achieve a texture so unique in beef, no amount of words can do it would have to be tasted for one to experience the amount of compleixty that went in the construction of this dish. The chef Seiji Wakabayashi's creativity really shines through all the dishes we tried that night.

It would not take a lot of effort at all to woo me back to Bushi-Tei. In fact, my girlfriend and I are planning another trip there for a hearty brunch (being that their brunch menu sounds amazing...French Brioche Toast or Red Crab Cakes anyone?). Until then, its time to cut down on the sweets I guess.